Treatments and visits

Dr. Artaria's medical practice is specialised in the diagnosis and treatment of all illnesses and defects of the anterior segment of the eye.

Thanks to constant personal professional updating and the use of state-of-the-art equipment along with vast professional experience, we are able to offer rapid and precise diagnosis and treatment in the following fields:

  • All types of vision defects (myopia, astigmatism, hypermetropia, presbyopia)
  • Illnesses of the cornea (keratoconus, corneal dystrophy)
  • Illnesses of the lens (cataracts)
  • All forms of glaucoma
  • Ocular motility disturbances (strabismus)

A consultation with us will guarantee you a complete assessment not only of your sight (as is performed by an optician) but also on the state of the health of your eyes and any potential treatment or preventative measures necessary.


Throughout his 20 years of practicing surgery, Dr. Artaria has personally performed more than 18’000 surgical operations on the anterior segment.                                 

The surgical experience of Dr. Artaria is characterised by constant professional updating which allows the patient to benefit from the most recent surgical techniques and innovations available in the field.               

All surgical operations are performed in the ambulatory clinic Avanti – Centro ticinese di chirurgia ambulatoriale SA in Lugano-Pazzallo.

All laser refractive surgery is performed in the clinic Centro Laser Lugano SA of which Dr. Artaria is the medical director.


Dr. Artaria has had the privilege of being able to perform intraocular lens implantations since it was first introduced in Switzerland.

He was the first surgeon in the Canton of Ticino to perform cataract surgery using modern ultrasound technology (phacoemulsification).

He currently performs cataract surgery using intraocular lens of the latest generation and different types custom-made for the personal needs of the patient.

He developed the concept of “Cataract à la carte” in order to better satisfy personal needs.

To this day, he has performed more than 18’000 cataract surgeries.


Dr. Artaria has been performing corneal surgery since 1992 and is the only ophthalmic surgeon in the Canton of Ticino who performs corneal transplantations.

In collaboration with Swiss and international eye banks, he performs corneal transplantations using the most recent techniques (penetrating transplants, anterior lamellar transplants, posterior lamellar transplants).

​​​​​​​In 2007, Dr. Artaria introduced the treatment of Corneal Cross Linking to cure and stabilise keratotomy.


Dr. Artaria performs surgery and laser surgery for the treatment of glaucoma using different techniques according to the type and extent of progression of the glaucoma.

Refractive surgery

In the field of refractive surgery, Dr. Artaria carried out a pioneer role being among the first in Switzerland to perform operations to correct myopia with an excimer laser.

Since then, he has performed numerous operations keeping himself constantly updated regarding new techniques and equipment.

Besides performing surgical correction with an excimer laser (Lasik, Epilasik, PRK), he offers the possibility of correction by implanting intraocular lens (ICL™) and intracorneal rings (Intacs™) covering the entire spectrum of visual defects as well as for more severe cases (high dioptres).

All refractive surgery is performed at the clinic Centro Laser Lugano SA which was founded by Dr. Artaria and of which he is the medical director.