Healthcare policy

Being free-spirited, Dr. Artaria has been committed to containing healthcare costs for many years.  He introduced and promoted ambulatory ophthalmic surgery in the Canton of Ticino in 1995 contributing to substantial financial savings.  After having contributed for 10 years to rationalise ophthalmic treatment within the public hospital system, he continued the same in the private healthcare sector.

Since 2007, he offers the possibility to operate both eyes during the same operation session.  This technique reduces costs of the operation and also shortens recovery time allowing the patient to return quickly to normal activity.

His proposal for containing medical expenses in the ambulatory field includes limiting the number of obligatory treatments covered by compulsory medical insurance developing a modular system to insure every “minor” risk (for example, consultations for second and third opinions, general check-ups, every form of alternative medicine) is covered by an additional complementary insurance which is not compulsory.

Dr Artaria defends the freedom of the medical profession which should guarantee the possibility for all people who are qualified to practice their profession in compliance with a system that guarantees - in a serious and severe way - its quality. In this context, he considers it essential to develop a system for controlling the quality of care based on scientific findings and not on economic indicators such as the systems proposed by health insurers.